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Pan lids are an essential piece of cooking equipment. They give you greater control, helping you craft the perfect dish, and complete your cookware. Our lids are available in a choice of sizes and styles to fit your existing pans.

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Our range of replacement pot lids

Complete your cookware set with our range of Stellar Spare Pan Lids. The number 1 choice for the home chef looking for quality and style, Stellar kitchenware pays attention to every detail.

Our range includes standard size lids, from 14cm to 28cm, to fit your existing Stellar cookware. Each piece is finished in the style of our existing Stellar ranges or can be used as a universal replacement.

Outstanding versatility

Pan lids are a highly functional cooking tool. They help lock moisture into food by preventing it from evaporating to ensure it stays moist. Using a lid will mean water boils faster and food will heat more quickly. They stop pans from overboiling and splattering, and they’re also useful for draining excess water or liquid - limiting the number of utensils used and saving on washing up. Our lids can be used with existing Stellar cookware or with other ranges. They’re available in a choice of sizes to fit a variety of pans.

Choose your style

We offer a choice of sizes, styles and materials to complement your cookware and style of cooking.


  • Profile Draining Lid - This glass lid allows you to monitor your recipe. Its deep sides are perforated on both sides to prevent overboiling and allow for easy draining. It’s dishwasher-safe and oven-safe up to 210°C. Available in sizes 14cm-24cm.
  • Forged Glass Lid - Our forged glass lid has a stay-cool, anti-slip handle for easy, comfortable use. It’s vented to prevent overboiling and is dishwasher- and oven-safe up to 180°C. Available in sizes 16cm-28cm.
  • 1000 Lid - Our 1000 Lid is one of our bestselling products. It’s made in Europe with peerless quality using durable, easy-to-clean mirror-polished stainless steel. The classic domus shape makes it a perfect addition to both modern and classic kitchens. It’s oven-safe up to 210°C and is available in sizes 14cm-30cm.

Lifetime quality from Stellar

Our lids are covered by the Stellar Lifetime Guarantee. If you find an issue with their quality, we’ll repair or replace it. 

If you need advice or have any questions, get in touch with our Customer Service Team.

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