Discover high-performance saucepans for a lifetime of culinary creations. Our collection features a variety of materials and finishes for every style of cook. Enjoy a Lifetime Guarantee with every saucepan from Stellar.

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Our cooking pots

Our saucepans cater for all kitchens. From traditional cooking pots to milk and sauce pots along with the versatile Speciality Cookware Chef’s Pan, whether you are an aspiring chef or budding baker, you’ll find the perfect pan for your culinary creations.

We even offer induction pans so you can truly maximise the performance of your induction hob, while allowing for unparalleled control while cooking.  

Timeless Quality, Lifetime Guarantee

Enjoy a lifetime of professional results with our Stellar saucepan range.

From mirror-polished classic Domus pots to easy-clean enamelled pans from the Forged range, there’s a Stellar pan to suit you.  Across the range, whatever your hob type or cooking style, you can expect professional features including high-performance non-stick coatings and safe and secure stay-cool handles for effortless handling.

Pans of all sizes

Whether you’re making a nourishing batch of creamy soup or treating yourself to mulled wine, we have pots and pans of all sizes. With the right set, you’re fully equipped for even the most adventurous kitchen experiments. 

Our Eclipse Chefs Pan is a deep and high-sided saucepan/frying pan hybrid, perfect for stir-fries, risottos and curries. Or, if you’re looking for something smaller, the Rocktanium 14cm Milk Pan is 700ml and non-stick, perfect for creating scrambled eggs, custard, small soups and sauces.

All our standard-sized saucepans come with high-quality lids. Choose from stylish stainless steel or convenient toughened glass to monitor your cooking.

We also offer hard anodised pans, made with a material twice as hard as stainless steel to stand up to every experiment.

Saucepan sets

With a full saucepan set, you can create even more culinary magic. Each individual pan can be purchased as part of a set, with varying sizes depending on the range. Click on a product listing to find out more.

Comfortable cooking

In order to deliver your best results in the kitchen, you need to feel comfortable when cooking. Our pans are ergonomically designed to help you feel in control when creating outstanding recipes. As the part of the pan you’ll be interacting with the most, we offer a range of handle styles, from strong and sturdy stainless steel to soft-grip and stay cool.

Stellar premium saucepans

At Stellar, we believe that premium equipment helps create your most amazing meals and our products are a reflection of that. Each saucepan is durable and designed to keep you comfortable and in control of your cooking. With a variety of styles to choose from, you’re sure to build the perfect set that complements your kitchen.

We’re so confident in the quality of our products that they come with a Lifetime Guarantee, meaning that, if you do happen to find fault with your pan, we’ll replace or repair it as quickly as possible. Get in touch with our team if you have any questions about our guarantee or our saucepan collection. 

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