Saute Pans & Skillets

Fry, sear and simmer ingredients to perfection with our range of skillets and saute pans. Whether you’re creating a flavourful one-pan wonder or something that takes time and care, impress your family and friends with memorable meals that you can take from hob to table.

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Saute Pans & Skillets

Stellar saute pans and skillets

Saute and skillet pans are valuable additions to your cookware, allowing you to get creative and experiment with a variety of dishes like colourful curries, seared steaks and even pancakes and fritters. The products in our range are long-lasting, stylish and versatile. When you choose a Stellar pan, you're investing in high-quality equipment that you can rely on time and time again. This means that, when you buy from us, you’re investing in high-quality cooking equipment that you can rely on time and time again.

Skillets or frying pans?

Skillets are often confused with regular frying pans. While there is some overlap, having the right pan for specific tasks can make all the difference.

Skillets are deeper than frying pans and are generally used for frying, searing and browning foods - especially when ingredients often need to be moved around. You can flip, toss and baste your ingredients with ease.

At Stellar, we offer cast iron skillets, which are the superior choice for retaining heat and elevating dishes to the highest level. Our Cast 30cm Skillet pan, for example, has an extra-thick base that ensures even cooking while also being comfortable to hold. It’s made in the UK from 100% recycled cast iron and comes naturally pre-seasoned for you to use straight from the box.

Fiery flavours

Saute pans are a staple in every kitchen. Designed with a wide base and high sides, they allow you to fry quickly or simmer slowly using the lid. Create wonderful one-pan dishes such as curries, casseroles or stews with their spacious and versatile form.

Our products allow you to play with flavour and get creative in the kitchen. Many of our pans are non-stick, such as the Profile Saute Pan and the Stellar Stay Cool, 28cm Saute Pan, meaning you keep food sizzling without using a lot of oil. It also makes washing up a trouble-free task.

Create magic in the kitchen

A top chef needs the right tools - and we at Stellar ensure that our customers are fully equipped to make culinary magic. Whether you want to create a fluffy spiral pie or are browning a roast duck, unlock a wealth of culinary opportunities with our collection. We even offer a Lifetime Guarantee, so you know that a Stellar purchase is an investment worth making. Speak to our team if you have any questions regarding our pots and pans.

Make the kitchen your playground

We’ve said that our pans allow you to get creative—here are a few recipes to help you get started. 

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