Steamers & Poachers

Unlock flavour and savour the flavour in your food with steam cooking. Premium and versatile, our range of food steamers and poachers are perfect for multi-tasking and healthy cooking that tastes divine. 

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Our range of veg steamers and poachers

Steamers are known for creating healthier dishes that stay clear of oil, but they can do so much more, bringing out the best of your ingredients. Designed to help you cook fresh, fragrant food in less time, Stellar steamers are suitable for all types of hobs, including indu

Steamers offer complete versatility, whether you’re steaming flaky fish, fluffy rice and crunchy veg, or experimenting in the kitchen. They’re ideal for when you’re crafting an intricate meal with lots of components, taking care of the fundamentals as you concentrate on the rest of your dish.

18/10 stainless steel steamers

Stainless steel can tolerate high heat levels - perfect for when things are heating up in the kitchen. Our products are designed with 18/10 stainless steel and a high conductivity base, offering excellent heat diffusion, offering excellent heat diffusion resulting in consistent, even cooking each and every time.

Our range includes our popular 3-tier set and can be used for a variety of meals, locking in rich flavours and nutrients to really amplify your dishes. With vented glass lids to prevent over-boiling, steamers are a useful addition to your kitchen collection.

Flavours unlocked with Stellar

Steaming is a convenient, delicious way of cooking. Efficient, stackable and easy to maintain, tiered steamers keep ingredients separate while you bring out their inherent goodness.

We strive for the highest standards when it comes to our products. That’s why we offer a Lifetime guarantee - if you do happen to find an issue with your product, we’ll replace or repair it as soon as possible. This demonstrates that our ranges live up to Stellar’s stamp of approval, creating the best results time and time again. 

If you have any questions about our products or are unsure which is right for you, then our team is happy to help.

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