Eclipse Cookware

Our most efficient and heat-reactive cookware with tri-ply technology.

Crafted from three separate metals, our Eclipse range offers exceptional efficiency and controllability: pans heat up and cool down more quickly; it takes less energy to warm them up and the pans heat from the base and radiate up the sides for consistent internal temperature. 

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Tri-ply stainless steel cookware

It takes passion, persistence and a little bit of magic to create showstopping meals for family and friends. Our Eclipse range helps to provide some of that magic by delivering flawless functionality.

The tri-ply technology used in our Eclipse saucepans means they heat and cool more quickly than traditional cookware and maintain a consistent cooking temperature. This gives you more control over the cooking process, helping you elevate your recipes.

Suitable for use with any type of hob and designed to last a lifetime, Eclipse Cookware delivers versatility, performance and style.

Tri-ply technology

Featuring premium tri-ply technology, our Eclipse pans are crafted using three separate metals - stainless steel, high-flow aluminium and high-grade stainless steel. All three metals work together to deliver maximum heat conductivity and diffusion. 

Unlike pans which only feature a high conductivity layer of aluminium in the base, tri-ply pans benefit from heat radiating up the sides as well as the base for a more consistent internal temperature.

When cooking with Eclipse, you also benefit from greater:

  • Control - Eclipse pans are more responsive to temperature and can heat up and cool down more quickly than a traditional saucepan.
  • Efficiency - less energy is needed to heat them up to effective temperatures.
  • Consistency - their construction means that heat radiates from the base up the sides so the entire cooking surface has a consistent temperature.

Read more about tri-ply technology in our guide. 

Suitable for any type of hob

Versatility is at the forefront of our range, with all pans designed to work efficiently with any hob type. Whether you prefer gas, electric, ceramic or induction hobs for cooking, you can be sure that you’re using a high-performing pan.

Our tri-ply cookware is designed to last you a lifetime, making it a great long-term investment. Every pan is highly durable while remaining comfortable and easy to use. 

Our Eclipse milk pan and frying pan also feature our most responsive triple-layer non-stick coating.

We’re so confident in the quality of our Eclipse products that they come with our Stellar Lifetime Guarantee. We will repair or replace any item that falls short of our usual standards so you can be sure it will last a lifetime.

If you’d like to know more about our ranges or have any questions, get in touch with our Customer Service Team.

Ideas and inspiration for your tri-ply pans

Our range will elevate any recipe, but here are a few that will really benefit from these high-performance pans.

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