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Demand more with the Hard Anodised collection. This range represents our most durable cookware with consistent performance. Providing superior cooking results, our selection includes saucepans, frying pans, woks, griddle pans and more.

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Hard Anodised

Our range of anodised aluminium pans

Cooking is all about experimenting and creating culinary masterpieces that are full of flavour. Your kitchen is your playground and your cookware should help you explore and polish your culinary masterpieces. Our hard anodised collection allows you to surprise yourself every time you turn up the heat.

The anodised aluminium used to make our pans is twice as hard-wearing as steel, making them perfect for long-lasting, regular use. Balancing durability with performance, they have excellent heat conduction and distribution, ensuring your dishes cook evenly. They even feature an oven-safe design for maximum versatility. Whichever style of cooking you prefer, this range will help your culinary creations shine.

Stronger than steel

Our range is far more durable than standard steel cookware. Corrosion and wear-resistant, these pans are made to deliver outstanding performance for a lifetime, withstanding every cooking experiment.

They also feature a responsive triple-layer non-stick coating, providing an improved cooking experience and making them particularly easy to hand-clean, ideal for everyday use.

Efficient and versatile

Hard anodised aluminium is extremely effective at conducting heat. This means that pans warm up swiftly and evenly distribute heat from the base and up the sides. This ensures consistent cooking across the whole pan and means that ingredients will cook more quickly.

The collection also boasts outstanding versatility, allowing you to cook where and how you like. The pans are suitable for use with all hob types, including induction, and are oven-safe up to 240°C. This unlocks countless cooking possibilities and means that no recipe is out of reach.

Hard-wearing kitchenware for home chefs

Featuring a wide variety of sets and shapes, from kitchen staples like our frying pan to griddle and crepe pans, this range is designed to provide everything the demanding home chef needs. As well as being hard-wearing and high-performing, their attractive dark charcoal finish complements contemporary kitchens.

Our hard anodised saucepans are made to last a lifetime and are covered by our Stellar lifetime guarantee. This means we will repair or replace any item that falls short of our high standards. 

If you have any questions or want to know more about which product might be right for you, get in touch with our Customer Service Team.

Cooking ideas and inspiration

Here are some ideas for some great recipes to make with this range:

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