Stellar Salt & Pepper Mills

Handcrafted in France

Enduring and adjustable mechanisms

Timeless and elegant design

Unfaltering kitchen staples in beautiful form

Fine-tune, season some more and never stop striving for the magic. With a passion for flavour, you can master every moment of taste. Crafted for devoted cooks, Stellar Salt and Pepper Mills let you enhance your dishes, beautifully. These are your unfaltering kitchen staples for a lifetime of culinary relish

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An Unfaltering Grind

Made with exceptionally strong carbon steel or stainless steel, the grinding mechanisms of Stellar Salt and Pepper mills will never corrode. They’re built for a lifetime of culinary adventures, by your side to polish your dishes time after time. 

Be Inspired to Experiment

A perfectly seasoned dish takes precision. Stellar salt and pepper mills let you infinitely adjust the grind intensity for careful control over taste and texture. Find the perfect balance as you experiment with new and exciting taste experiences. Master the art of flavour. 

Cherish Forever

Designed in beautiful beech wood, our salt & pepper mills are made to love for a lifetime. From their enduring style to unfaltering performance, they truly let you savour every creation. Adore these elegant staples in your kitchen.