Our Sustainability Statement

Innovation, functionality and reliability are at the heart of every product we sell and we strive to ensure every range we offer reflects these values.
We also have a responsibility to understand the implications of our actions across our entire business and have an unwavering desire to ensure fairness in everything we do.
Our aim is focussed on three factors: our People, our Products and our Impact.


Our People

At Stellar we understand that we are all different and we value and respect these differences, not just in relation to gender, ethnicity, ability, age, sexual orientation and faith, but also in terms of background, education, family and care responsibilities.
We see these differences as key contributors to helping us achieve better results and to better serve our customers and consumers. We are also convinced that creating an inclusive environment, where everyone feels valued and able to bring their differences to work creates a more stimulating and rewarding atmosphere for everyone to work in.
At Stellar we ensure, through internal measurement and audit that we comply with all applicable employment laws and commit to ensuring fairness in the recruitment and development of all colleagues. We are transparent during our recruitment processes and provide clarity and feedback to all third parties with whom we partner.
Our company handbook, highlights our code of conduct and expectations which reflect the levels of decency and respect we expect all of the Stellar team to achieve.
At Stellar, we believe we have a responsibility to conduct every aspect of our business in an ethical way. We expect the same from our suppliers and we focus on helping them to ensure safe working conditions and environmental responsibility. 
We also believe that all businesses must play their part in tackling slavery, in line with the Modern Slavery Act of 2015, Stellar will commit to annually reviewing our policies to ensure compliance.


Our Products

We strive to ensure that every product we source and all of our manufacturing partners achieve the highest safety, ethical and environmental standards. To ensure this we undertake regular supplier visits, and comply to the relevant standards. 
We seek to hold every safety and compliance certificate legally required.


Our Impact

We are devoted to reducing the impact that our business practices have on our environment and we have identified 3 areas that we believe will help us achieve this:

1 – Reduction of single use plastic
Our ambition is to remove single use plastic from our business by 2025. This will be achieved by working closely with our manufacturing partners. We will work with our customers to ensure we are able to meet their product requirements whilst achieving our own company objectives through creative, collaborative solutions and effective packaging management. 
Our journey toward this ambition has already begun with the removal; of all polybags from our cutlery sets and blister carded packaging. Also with our direct consumer delivery process consisting of 100% recyclable paper protection instead of plastic or polystyrene.

2 – Improved working environment
Our commitment is also focussed on educating our own team as to the impact they have on their environment. All of the Stellar team have been provided with re-usable hydration bottles and are encouraged to use our in house recycling stations for all waste management
We have upgraded our warehouse lighting systems to be run from a sensored LED platform. This has contributed to a drop of 40% in electricity usage.
All new company cars issued by the company will have a maximum carbon emission set. Which we will seek to reduce this over time.

3 – Packaging
Working closely with our packaging partners, manufacturers and logistics providers we are looking to source ethically produced and fully recyclable packaging solutions for all of our products. We will also actively reduce the packaging utilised throughout our supply chain, including deliveries, whilst maintaining product integrity commit to develop materials that have zero impact on our environment.
We invite suggestions from consumers and customers to help drive our ongoing company developments, so get in touch.


Clearly, our expectations are high but we feel they need to be to ensure we can create a more inclusive and sustainable environment.