Stellar Rocktanium Cookware - the best non-stick pans in town

2 March 2020

Does this sound familiar… rushed off your feet but committed to cooking from scratch to make your meals tastier and healthier? One of our award-winning ranges – Stellar Rocktanium Non-Stick Cookware – can help you achieve impressive results with extreme ease! Sounds attractive? Read on…    

Outstanding non-stick, perfect for healthy cooking

When you choose non-stick cookware, pans that have a hard wearing non-stick coating and that will last at least 5 years are the ones to look for. However, if purchasing with extra peace of mind is your favourite type of shopping, then you’ll be pleased to hear the non-stick of our Rocktanium range is so high-performing and tougher than conventional non-stick coatings that it comes with a 10-year warranty (on top of the lifetime guarantee for the pans!).

The amazing qualities of the Rocktanium non-stick coating will quickly have you realising that you can cook healthy but delicious food, with little to no oil required. A good quality non-stick pan will allow you to cook with less fats, so you can be health conscious as well as have the tastiest foods. With Stellar Rocktanium, there’s no need to compromise.

Also, these non-stick pans are extremely easy to clean, meaning you will find yourself reaching for them more than your other best non-stick frying pans… and you’ll soon find you have a new favourite!

A wide range to fulfill all cooking tasks

Whether you are a stir-fry fan, like to steam your fish or vegetables, or enjoy the taste and smell of a sizzling steak, there’s sure to be your ideal cooking tool in this range. From the more classic but oh-so-useful non-stick frying pans and saucepans, to sauté pans, woks, grill pans, casseroles with steamer insert and non-stick cookware sets, Rocktanium covers all basis and needs.

‘I want my food to be tasty but also really well-cooked all round’, we hear you say. Stellar Rocktanium features even heat distribution, meaning when you pop a chicken breast or steak on the grill pan, it will cook evenly. And if you are stir-frying, the pan sides get as hot as the base so that you can fry across the complete surface in a matter of minutes – an essential requirement for a hot crisp tasty stir fry.

Did a steamer or a casserole come up on your wish list of pans? We are finding steaming remains a very popular method to cook foods and in the winter months who doesn’t enjoy the aroma of casserole simmering on the hob or in the oven. For the space-savvy and the time-saver, we’ve come up with a great solution: a steamer pan that doubles as a casserole, which naturally comes with all the Rocktanium benefits. Boil your rice while steaming your veggies, or use the casserole on its own for your risottos, curries, stews, soups and lots more!

If tasty steak is your thing, check out the Rocktanium non-stick grill pan: it’s great for extracting the maximum flavour without extra oil, and you can get the attractive 'barbeque style' chargrilled look. The pouring lips aid draining fat, further ensuring what you eat is good for you without compromising on the taste.

'Excellence in Cookware' award

The Stellar Rocktanium cookware range won the Excellence in Cookware award in 2018 when it was first launched and was shortlisted again for the finals in 2019. So if you are looking for a new range of pans that you will notice the performance difference with or if you are looking to add some high-quality cookware items to your go-to kitchenware selection, Stellar Rocktanium is definitely something for you to explore. The pans are dishwasher safe, suitable for all types of hob, oven safe up to 210 degrees and come with a lifetime guarantee. The benefits are endless!

Cookware of choice of BBC's Best Home Cook

If you’re a fan of cooking shows, the BBC’s ‘Best Home Cook’ will surely have been on your viewing list. In which case, you will have seen our Rocktanium range used extensively throughout this year's series! From cooking to baking, our Rocktanium pans are truly unique in providing excellence in the kitchen and are the favourite choice for home chefs. With their attractive and distinctive design, you can even spot them in a busy kitchen! If you spotted us on BBC’s ‘Best Home Cook’ let us know on our social media, where you can also contact us for any questions you may have on our most loved Rocktanium range.