Bread Knives

Stellar bread knives are designed to make short work of slicing your loaves, baguettes and cakes.

Bread Knives

Our Stellar Bread Knives

Our Stellar Sabatier Bread Knives are forged from top-grade steel for long-lasting sharpness and exceptional performance.

Our professional-quality Sabatier knives are safe and comfortable to use, allowing you to slice through baguettes, sourdough, crusty loaves, rolls and cakes with ease.

Lifetime Guarantee, Exceptional Quality

Our Stellar Sabatier bread knives are forged from a single piece of steel. Each blade is professionally ground and then attached to the signature Sabatier handle. Our Stellar Sabatier knives deliver on safety, performance and hygiene.

Backed by a lifetime guarantee, these elegant toothed knives combine tradition and quality. The saw-toothed blade produces beautiful slices making it a must-have for any home chef.

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Stellar kitchenware is the no. 1 choice for home cooks looking to achieve professional results at home. Our range of Stellar Sabatier knives includes utility, paring and cooks knives to help you achieve exceptional results.

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