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For cutting thick, crusty loaves into even slices, a bread knife is indispensable. But there’s much more to this versatile kitchen tool than that. Our knives are made from superior quality steel for lasting sharpness and exceptional performance - helping you cut, slice and serve with precision.

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Our range of serrated knives

Bread knives are perfect for slicing through thick crusts and cutting even slices from a freshly baked loaf. But they can also help to neatly chop soft foods and cut through fruits and vegetables with thick rinds. Our range of quality bread knives will help you slice and serve in style.

Good for more than just for bread

Thanks to the serrations on the blade and its length, a bread knife works like a saw - so you can use long, even strokes without applying much pressure. This also means you won’t crush or tear bread, cakes or pastries when slicing them.

It’s not just baked goods that your bread knife will help you chop. They make cutting foods like tomatoes, peppers and even hard-boiled eggs much easier, as you can easily cut through the skin without squashing them. Harder vegetables and fruits with a tough skin or rind, like pineapples and melons, are also much easier to slice with a bread knife than any other type of knife.

A bread knife to suit your style

We offer different styles to suit your cooking. The Stellar Sabatier Bread Knife delivers flawless performance and classic style, perfectly weighted for balance and safety, and features the traditional Sabatier riveted handle. The Stellar Poise has a taper-ground stainless steel blade that provides supreme precision when cutting, as well as an ambidextrous handle design. Our Samurai model is made from superior hard German steel. It’s only sharpened on one side for razor-precise cuts with a taper ground edge that retains its sharpness.

Stellar for a lifetime

Our bread knives are made using long-lasting materials and manufactured to the highest standards. We have no doubt that your knife will last you a lifetime, but if you have any issues with its quality, we’ll repair or replace it.

If you have any questions or queries, our Customer Service Team will be happy to assist you.

Using your bread knife - ideas and inspiration

Put your bread knife to work with the following recipes:

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