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A premium selection of precise, balanced and sharp knives, including chopper, carving, cooks and more. Our range of ambidextrous knives are perfect for aspiring chefs who want to experiment in the kitchen. 

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Luxury knives by Stellar

Slice through bread, cakes and proteins with ease using  Poise by Stellar. Our product range features ambidextrous knives, meaning that all adventurous home chefs can tackle even the most complex of recipes. From Japanese-inspired Santoku to our all-purpose 6.5 inch chopper, we offer knives of every shape and size as part of our Poise collection. 

Providing a balanced cut, each of our products feature an ambidextrous handle design, making it easier to handle your knife comfortably and create a smooth, effortless cut. 

Poise is designed for strength. Slice, dice and chop without resistance with a razor-sharp blade that glides through food - and will continue to do so no matter how much time you spend in the kitchen, Our Poise set was even awarded the five-star Platinum Award from T3 Magazine, further demonstrating its high quality.

This range is not our only kitchen knife collection - shop our full range here

Designed for long-lasting performance

The quality of your knives has a significant impact on your cooking, so you should expect nothing but the highest standards. Each product in our Poise range is manufactured from X50CrMov15 stainless steel, known for its durability and resistance to corrosion. 

This steel is often used for a variety of luxury knives, providing aspiring chefs worldwide with hard-wearing, balanced tools that are a trusted part of their kitchenware. You can expect all this and more with Stellar - we’ve taken this high-quality steel and paired it with a comfortable, ambidextrous handle, creating the perfect left-handed kitchen knives. 

Furthermore, our Poise products are corrosion and stain-resistant and feature high molybdenum vanadium content for that extra layer of strength. They also have a tapered ground edge, offering an optimum profile for precision. 

Sharp blades for precision cooking

The blades of our Poise products are designed for long-lasting sharpness, providing you with complete control when preparing any dish. But to help maintain their impeccable condition, we also offer sharpeners and storage.

Whether you want a stylish block to keep your set safely tucked away, or a magnetic wall rack to really show off your Stellar collection, we have options that suit all manner of kitchens. Our sharpeners ensure that your blades are sharp enough to cut through everything from prime cuts and bread to more delicate dishes like sashimi. Choose from sharpeners and whetstones.

Stellar Poise for aspiring chefs

Experience professional quality with Poise. Designed to elevate your cooking experience with sleek, sharp blades that are designed to last. No matter how adventurous your dish, Stellar’s products are the tools you need. 

We’re so confident in the quality of our Poise range that they are lifetime-guaranteed, so if you do happen to find an issue with your product, we’ll simply repair or replace it so you can carry on making the meals you love. 

Contact us to learn more about Poise, or our other cookware ranges

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