Stellar Profile (previously Stellar 7000)

Stellar Profile is the new name for our much-loved Stellar 7000 series. Nothing else has changed, with our cookware offering outstanding performance in every cooking scenario.

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Our Stellar Profile pan sets

Stellar Profile cookware retains its unparalleled quality and exceptional utility. With excellent heat distribution, triple non-stick and hob-to-oven versatility, you’ll create countless mouth-watering creations. Cook the Profile way.

Consistent performance

Innovation begins at home. Creating culinary magic starts with following an instinct for flavour and letting that guide you through every experiment. The Stellar Profile range supports your creativity, consistently acting as an exceptional tool for exploring new recipes and expanding your repertoire. 

The thick, high-conductivity base heats evenly and retains a consistent temperature across the cooking surface. This means no cold or hot spots, resulting in evenly cooked ingredients. With a Profile pan, you can rely on stable and efficient cooking that will help you deliver outstanding results, again and again.

Our cookware is suitable for all hob types - ceramic, electric, gas and induction - and is oven-safe for temperatures up to 240°C. So, however you like to cook, Profile is the perfect choice for your pots and pans. 

Supremely stylish

When we originally designed our Stellar 7000 saucepans, we wanted to create a set of cookware that would enhance the appearance of any kitchen. As the Profile range, their appearance is unchanged, offering a sleek understated style with polished steel and straight sides that complement any kitchen design. 

Our products balance style and performance and our Profile pans have many features that will enhance your cooking experience. 

  • Handy internal measuring guides remove the need for a measuring jug. 
  • Glass lids allow you to keep an eye on the progress of your dishes.
  • The handles are strong cast steel that won’t weaken and wobble over time.
  • The polished steel finish makes the pans easy to clean and care for.

Some pieces within the range have even more functionality. The Profile 5 Piece Draining Saucepan Set is one of our most popular products and has time-saving dual-sided glass draining lids with vents for no over-boil.

The entire range is made with the utmost attention to detail, so whichever pieces you choose, you’ll be cooking with style.

Familiar favourite

Stellar 7000 has long been a favourite among our cookware selection. Profile is the new name for this same collection. Stellar 7000 saucepans are now Profile saucepans and our popular Stellar 7000 5 Piece Set is exactly the same as our Profile 5 Piece Set. Nothing else has changed, Profile pans represent exactly the same high quality and outstanding performance.

Stellar lifetime guarantee

Our Profile cookware is covered by our Stellar Lifetime Guarantee. If your product has a defect, we’ll offer to repair or replace it

Our Customer Service Team will be happy to help with any questions or queries.

Choosing your cookware

If you need help choosing your cookware pieces, read our buying guide for all you need to know about creating the perfect cookware set.

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