Carving & Boning Knives

Tackle carving and filleting with ease with our range of Stellar carving and boning knives. Featuring classic French-inspired Sabatier designs, our premium Poise collection and pieces by James Martin, our range will help you carve clean, precise cuts that will look beautiful on the plate.

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Carving & Boning Knives

Carving and boning knives from Stellar

After spending a lot of time preparing a mouth-watering roast, you want to be able to slice it with ease and ensure that it’s perfectly presented. Our range helps you do just that. Each product featured in our range is slender and well-balanced, designed for both safety and style.

Slice and serve with ease

A carving knife isn’t often thought of as an essential kitchen tool, yet it makes such a difference. Each product in our range comes with a long, thin blade and a razor-sharp tip, helping you cut with precision in a safe way.

The products in Stellar’s range come with a variety of benefits, including rust-resistant blades that are forged from a single piece of stainless steel. This is then professionally ground to create enhanced sharpness that outlasts countless butchery tasks.

Safety in the kitchen is also key. And so our handles are designed to be comfortable and firm in your hand. Our James Martin IJ 21cm/8in Carving Knife for example comes with a soft grip anti-slip handle, whereas the Poise 21cm/8" Carving Knife has a comfortable ambidextrous design, meaning that you can always carve with confidence. 

Boning and filleting

Prepare meats and fish with ease with our range. Many of our products are flexible enough to be used for both carving and boning, such as our Sabatier IS Flexible Carving/Filleting Knife, or you can purchase one of our dedicated boning tools, like the Sabatier IS, 12cm/5" Boning Knife. No matter which you choose, every product in our range is of premium quality.

Serving up a stunning slice of pork, venison or even a flakey helping of fish all starts with its preparation. Our range puts you in the best position when crafting a meal, with each blade sharp and flexible enough to trim meat from the bone, whether you’re butterflying a lamb or removing skin from a delicate piece of fish. The handles provide a comfortable grip and fit your palm perfectly, so your knife is safe and secure with minimal risk of slipping. Each product is lightweight and durable, strong enough to tackle tough proteins time and time again.

Stellar’s luxury carving knives

Stellar are with you on your culinary journey, every step of the way. This includes every step in the cooking process, where you can count on our knives to debone and prep produce with ease. We’re so confident, in fact, that we offer the Lifetime Guarantee - an indication of the quality of our range. Under this guarantee, if you do happen to find fault with your product, we’ll replace or repair it as soon as possible.

For more information about our range, speak to our team today.

Recipes to try

Get creative in the kitchen - here are some of our favourite recipes that feature our carving and boning range:

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