Cook's Knives

Sometimes known as a chef’s knife - a fitting name for one of the most versatile tools in your kitchen. Whether you’re tackling delicate tasks such as mincing herbs or chopping meat and chunky vegetables, our premium Stellar range of cook’s knives combines quality and ease of use for the passionate home chef. 

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Cook's Knives

Our professional chef knives

The cook’s knife is the ultimate all-rounder. This means that, no matter what you're experimenting with in the kitchen, this essential tool will help you cut, slice and trim safely and easily. Our range caters to all kinds of cooks, blending versatility with durability and style. All of our knives are made with superior quality steel for long-lasting performance.

Your kitchen toolkit

There are so many different knives to add to your toolkit, but the cook’s knife is a cut above the rest. The blade is typically slightly curved, with its rounded taper making it easier to rock back and forth quickly when cutting smaller ingredients, such as herbs.

Other knives on the market are more specialist, such as bread and carving knives. These are best for performing their specialist tasks, but if you’re starting to build out your toolkit then your cook’s knife is where to start. 

You can also view our knifeblocks and sets here. 

Clean cuts, clean cooking

Sharpness is important for clean, smooth cuts that just glide through produce with ease. Each of our products are extremely sharp, with our James Martin Scalloped Chef's and IJ Cook's Knives also being very easy to sharpen. As this type of knife is designed to cover all bases, Stellar’s range stays sharp and rust-free, enhancing the efficiency of your cooking while lasting a lifetime.

A sharper knife also means cleaner cooking. Sometimes, after chopping and dicing, your chopping board may be stained or covered with residue. This means that you’re actually crushing your food rather than slicing, losing some of those valuable nutrients as well as making it harder to efficiently prepare your food. Our rust-resistant cook’s knives maintain that next-level sharpness, so you consume more nutrients - and more flavour - when experimenting in the kitchen. 

Professional cook’s knives for home chefs

We have plenty of exciting recipes for you to try, if you’re ever in need of some cooking inspiration. Here are a few that feature our cook’s knives:

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