Our Induction Frying Pan Receives a Platinum Award from T3 Magazine

3 March 2023

T3 Magazine’s top reasons to buy:

  • Huge cooking surface
  • Stainless steel performance
  • Exceptional conduction

Our Induction 30cm Frying Pan has received the five-star Platinum Award from T3 Magazine

The magazine’s verdict is that they have ‘found the perfect premium non-stick induction pan’ with ‘top marks all round.’

They describe the Induction Non-Stick Frying Pan as ‘an outstanding all-round cooking solution’ which ‘really does perform exceptionally well no matter which size induction zone you put it on’ and ‘amazingly, even on the fringes of that zone.’

The Induction frying pan is available in five sizes, from 20cm to 30cm. It’s designed for the ultimate cooking experience on induction hobs, with additional elements for home cooking confidence. With a perfectly flat base, it reads induction zones accurately for even heat distribution and absolute control. A triple-layer non-stick coating makes for trouble-free cooking and cleaning while stay cool handles provide comfort and grip.

T3 Magazine termed the pan’s non-stick surface ‘as slippery as an eel in a bath of gelatin’, finding that ‘nothing sticks to it’ and that it’s a ‘doddle to clean.’

They marked that the helper handle on the largest pan was useful when lifting heavier dishes like a Bolognese sauce, while the depth and width was ideal for a wide range of cooking disciplines, from a full English breakfast to sirloin steaks, a large stir-fry or even a paella.

T3 go on to review that ‘heat transmission was excellent’ and that it was ‘really easy to keep the heat under control.’ During testing, they found the induction pan to be sensitive across its entire base. When moving it around on the smallest zone of a hob, they found it worked anywhere within the zone. In another test, the induction process continued to work with only one edge of the pan on just 4cm of the smallest zone marking. With this ability to only heat areas directly above the zone, food can be moved off direct heat to another side of the pan, giving more control over your cooking.

Overall, having tested many different frying pans, they ‘found the Stellar Induction to be amongst the easiest to use and keep clean.’

The Stellar Induction Frying pan comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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