Induction Cookware

Our finest induction range for the ultimate cooking experience. Using induction cookware for your hob means more control and maximum performance - core tools to elevate the skills of any passionate home chef. Hone your craft, perfect even the most intricate of dishes and impress your guests each and every time.

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Stellar’s induction pots and pans

If you have an induction hob, then it’s important to use cooking equipment that’s compatible so you can make the most of its power. Performance is at the heart of our induction cookware range. Our products help you enjoy the cooking experience, allowing you to create mouth-watering masterpieces with sophisticated technologies. 

Our induction pots and pans have high conductivity bases that are flat to read induction zones sensitively and accurately. So, if just one part of your pan is sitting on the hob, only that part is heated, meaning you can easily slide your food around to achieve that perfect finish. 

We’ve also made sure that our range includes a variety of pan sizes, so that you can find the best pot or pan for each hob ring.

Induction pans designed for your comfort

When you have a pan full of thick sauce or hot oil, you should be able to handle it with care. Here at Stellar, we put your needs first. Our induction pots and pans are designed for comfort, each featuring stainless steel handles with heat-resistant silicone grips to ensure that you can handle your pans safely and comfortably.

Our award-winning induction frying pan

We strive to design high-quality cookware for every kitchen. Our Induction 30cm Frying Pan has received T3 magazine’s Platinum award, celebrating its high performance, easy-to-hold grip and triple-layer non-stick surface. The Independent seems to agree, as they stated our induction frying pan was the ‘best overall’ for 2023

Described as an ‘outstanding all-round cooking solution’, its flat base and heat sensitivity allows for complete control, no matter what you cook. Read more about the award here.

Induction hob pans from Stellar

Whether you’re a culinary artist or are aspiring to be, our induction cookware provides that precision and comfort needed to create a show-stopping meal. Purchasing from Stellar means investing in your cooking journey, which is why our non-stick induction cooking pots come with a 10-year guarantee. As well as this, our full induction range comes with a Lifetime Guarantee, which means that any fault you may find with your product will be replaced or repaired. 

This provides you with further peace of mind, knowing your induction pans set will retain its high quality for years to come.

Cooking inspiration for your induction cookware

Not sure what to cook first? Explore some of our recipes below:

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