Cast Cookware

Sustainably crafted in the UK

BBQ, pizza oven & open fire safe

High performance

Expertly crafted for a lifetime of cooking adventures

Deep in the heart of the Black Country, Cast is forged. Through fire and flame, each piece is made with fervour from recycled cast iron. Reinvented to last another lifetime. Meticulously designed, carefully hand finished, naturally seasoned – Cast is crafted to elevate your every dish. Ignite the flavour in your food with beautifully bronzed, pure cast iron cookware. Cherish for generations.

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Stellar Cast cookware is made from 100% recycled cast iron at an historic foundry in the UK. Each pan is forged from a single mould with no secondary processes or materials involved. It’s carefully double-seasoned with vegetable oil for a chemical-free surface that can be restored time after time. Stellar Cast is an investment that truly can be cherished forever. 

Healthy Benefits

As Cast is made from a natural element, it fortifies your food with a small amount of iron. Iron is essential for good health so cooking with cast iron is a wonderful way to add traces to your diet. The double-seasoned surface also reduces the need for excessive oils while cooking, helping you to cook healthier.  

Natural Non-Stick

Thanks to a double-seasoned surface, Cast is ready to cook with straight away. As you turn up the heat time after time, layers of natural seasoning build that only make your pan easier to cook with. Cleaning is easy too – a drop of washing up liquid with hot water and a thorough dry will restore your pan for the next use.  

Unique Flavour Profile

Sear your way to mouthwatering taste again and again. Every time you cook with Cast, a unique layer of seasoning builds on the surface. Your experiments in the kitchen will create a unique flavour profile on your pan, adding a little extra depth to every dish.  

Creating Cast

A Stellar Cast pan begins as recycled scrap iron, car parts and previous pan remnants.

The iron is melted down and formed into cookware using time-honoured moulding techniques.

The raw pan surface is smoothed then seasoned twice with vegetable oil.

Each piece retains its naturally bronzed patina and is carefully hand finished to a refined style.

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