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We offer a range of table knives, forks and spoons for enhancing your dining experience. Our stainless steel cutlery is ideal for the passionate home cook.

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Single Cutlery

Our Tablespoon, Table Knife, Fork and Spoon range

When you are planning to host a dinner party and realise there is an odd number, then our range of single cutlery will come in handy.

Not only important when setting the table, a tablespoon is often vital when cooking. To test soups, sauces and prepare dressings and more, having a tablespoon handy makes sure you create the perfect dish. To match your Lincoln set for example, our single tablespoon features the same embossed embellishments on the rounded handle, but in buying a single piece, you can make sure you never run low on these important utensils and have enough to both set the table and use in the kitchen.

Whilst a tablespoon is important, a soup spoon is ideal for broth-lovers and for adorning your table with the correct cutlery. A unique choice is our Rochester matt-finish collection, where the soup spoon features a matt textured, flat and squared handle. This collection is both modern and unique and available in a singular quantity is the soup spoon, table spoon and dessert spoon.

When serving an oozing, melt-in-the-middle pudding or a classic crumble with custard, the dessert spoon is the daintier counterpart to a standard tablespoon, making it the perfect size and design for any dessert. Choose from our range of modern or classic styles, with high quality assured and designed to last.

Stainless Steel with a Sparkling Mirror Finish

When it comes to key pieces of cutlery, then the staple table fork and table knife are almost always essential to every meal. Whether you have a growing family, or you are fed up with cutlery running low and being forced to run the dishwasher time and time again, then purchasing additional loose cutlery can solve this. For example, our classic, rounded edge 18/10 stainless steel Winchester design is available in individual pieces, so you can find a high-quality table fork or table knife to grow your existing collection.

Buy Online from Stellar

If you are stocking or refreshing your kitchenware, then Stellar has the perfect, high-quality range of Cutlery Sets, Pots and Pans and Kitchen Utensils to help you to create, serve and store your meals.

Buy online with free delivery for orders over £50 to the UK mainland.

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