Stellar Sabatier Knives

Time-honoured French Sabatier design meets the timeless quality of Stellar in this comprehensive collection of kitchen knives. Designed to provide clean and precise results, become a true home chef with knives of the highest quality. 

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Sabatier by Stellar

The perfect combination for any aspiring chef - Stellar’s timeless quality mixed with the classic Sabatier design. Our range of kitchen knives brings that professional edge into your kitchen. Whether you’re carving a succulent steak or filleting fish, these distinct knives will simplify any kitchen task. 

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The Sabatier design

Sabatier is a trusted design that’s used by chefs throughout the globe. At Stellar, we’ve brought this design to our customers, providing a variety of knives that slice and chop large proteins or crunchy root vegetables with ease. 

Designed in France, Sabatier-style knives have helped solidify the ideal chef’s knife, made from stainless steel and traditionally 100% forged. This means that the blade is made from one single piece of steel, increasing its stability and strength. The knives are also able to retain their sharpness for longer periods of time. 

We’ve incorporated this classic design into our range, using superior stainless steel for extra rust resistance. From our popular Sabatier IS Cooks Knife to full sets like the Sabatier 5-piece Knife Block, our knives suit a variety of requirements. 

It’s not all about the chopping, however. Our Sabatier IS Carving Fork pairs perfectly with our carving knife, ready to carve succulent roasts of all sizes. And for the fish lovers, our Sabatier IS Flexible Carving/Filleting Knives helps you prepare steaming fish dishes that are bone-free and melt in the mouth. 

Perfectly balanced

Food prep can be a time-consuming task, especially when you’re cooking an intricate meal with lots of ingredients. Having a comfortable, well-balanced knife lessens the strain and makes chopping and filleting a breeze. 

Each Stellar knife comes with the traditional Sabatier black handles and spun-solid rivets, keeping the handle secure. The ergonomic design fits your hand perfectly while withstanding wear and tear. Coupled with the hard-wearing blade, your Sabatier IS knives will last a lifetime.

Perfectly balanced

What’s more, our Sabatier professional knives come with our Lifetime Guarantee. This means that should you ever have an issue with your product, we’ll repair or replace it without any fuss. We’re so confident in the quality of our kitchenware, though, that we’re sure you’ll never need it. 

Read more about our guarantee here. 

If you have any questions about our Sabatier range or the rest of our products, then speak to our team.

Put our knives to the test

Stellar Sabatier knives are made for your most adventurous cooking - so why not see for yourself and try out our recipes below?

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