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Meticulously designed, carefully hand finished, naturally seasoned – Cast is crafted to elevate your every dish. Ignite the flavour in your food with beautifully bronzed, pure cast iron cookware. Cherish for generations.

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Cast iron pots and pans

Cast iron has been loved by passionate cooks for generations - and when you consider the benefits, it’s not hard to see why. With strong heat retention, a natural non-stick and complete versatility, your skillet or casserole will become an essential part of your cookware collection. 

Really want to turn up the heat? We also offer griddle and skillet pans, perfect for when you want a crisp, smokey finish on your food.

Lock in heat, unlock flavour

Cast iron is typically used for searing succulent steaks, chargrilling vegetables, and so much more. This is because of its excellent heat retention qualities. The material heats up quickly and maintains that heat evenly throughout the pan, making it a high-performance material for searing and frying. 

At Stellar, our products are made with an extra thick base to take those qualities further. If you’re craving crispy bacon or silky fried eggs, place them in your pan and let the base evenly heat up without any hot spots. 

For delicious chargrilled dishes, there’s also our Cast Iron 28cm Grill Pan and Cast Iron, 27 x 27cm Grill Pan. Both are designed to sear food with that characteristic stripe and lock in a wealth of smokey flavours. 

You can use our products on induction hobs, slide them into the oven and take them straight to the table, elevating your dishes and making them the star of the show. And, for even more versatility, if you choose products from our Cast range, you can pop your pan into a pizza oven, on top of a BBQ or even straight onto an open fire.

A natural non-stick

Our collection has a natural non-stick, designed to enhance flavour and inspire healthier cooking. You can start cooking straight from the box. Each product has been carefully double-seasoned with vegetable oil for a chemical-free surface that can be restored time after time. And then, as you use your pan continuously throughout your lifetime, this coating continues to build and you can cook fiery foods without having to scrub away stubborn residue later - view our Cast range here.

Each piece of Stellar’s Cast range is made from 100% recycled cast iron and forged in just one mould, meaning that no other processes or materials affect its raw state. It also fortifies your food with a small amount of iron while reducing the amount of cooking oil needed, meaning you can create mouth-watering meals that are good for your health - and your taste buds.

Cast iron cooking with Stellar

Cooking with cast iron will elevate your every meal, and experimenting with our range will show you just how versatile our products are. Unlock flavour and create culinary magic with ease.

If you have any questions about our range, then do not hesitate to get in touch.

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