Stovetop Espresso Makers 

Brew to perfection with Stellar's selection of espresso makers and gadgets. Our contemporary range allows you to enjoy a luxurious cup of coffee at home. 

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Espresso Makers

Brew the Italian way

A cup of coffee can make or break your day, and with our espresso makers, you can enjoy perfectly-brewed coffee whenever you need it. Many choose espresso makers for better taste and control, making rich coffee in minutes. We have a range of capacities in stock, with 4-cups being our smallest size and 6-cups being our largest. 

And the luxury doesn’t stop there. Our stainless steel espresso makers are a touch of elegance for your home, adding to your overall coffee experience. If you’re concerned about keeping your mirror-finish espresso makers clean, our coffee range is dishwasher safe, so that you can maintain that shine with ease.

Espresso makers with extra insulation

All of our coffee product range is double walled, meaning that, when combined with stainless steel, our products are better insulated and ensure that your coffee stays warm for long periods of time.

Our coffee espresso makers are also suitable for all hob types - including induction.

Dribble-free spout for an easy pour

When your coffee equipment looks as stylish as our range, you don’t want to see drops of coffee running down the side. Our espresso coffee makers come with an argon-welded spout, preventing dribbles of coffee running down the side of your espresso maker. With Stellar, not a single drop goes to waste.

Barista milk jug

For the milky coffee lovers, we also offer a barista-style milk jug to accompany your coffee. Available as part of our Art Deco range, it blends style and practicality, allowing you to pour your milk dribble-free and create your perfect cup of coffee.

The perfect coffee, time and time again

Good coffee shouldn’t be limited to coffee shops. We’ve curated a stylish coffee range that provides a luxury experience that you can create at home. 

We want our customers to make the most of their products. That’s why our espresso makers come with the Lifetime Guarantee. This means that, if you do find a fault with your product, we’ll repair or replace it as soon as possible. Read more about our Lifetime Guarantee here

We also offer cafetieres, all of which are double walled and carry the Lifetime Guarantee.

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